The secrets of attractive African women or fashion inspiration from Angola


Thanks to the influence of Europe, traditional clothing is gradually disappearing from Africa, and fashion trends here are increasingly determined by European and American consumer fashion interwoven with high-quality and at first sight unrecognizable pipes from China. Nevertheless, the local women still retain their femininity, which Europeans and Americans may envy them :-) What is the secret of their attraction? What do women living in one of the richest countries in Africa, Angolans, do differently from women in the "West"? All right :-) Division of the company As in all countries, the company is made up of several economic groups, so Angola has divisions that affect women's fashion style. While, ordinary poor women wear predominantly traditional African fabrics wrapped around their waists, a T-shirt, and ordinary flip-flops on their feet. Women who are better off enjoy the models of the world's best brands, regardless of the amount spent on that purchase. In this way, they maintain social prestige and level in society. And among them are women who do not have to wear a T-shirt and a fabric around their waist, but due to the prices of the mentioned fashion delicacies from the world, they cannot afford them and resort to buying clothes in European chains or clothes imported from Brazil and sold at big markets. or small boutiques. Of course, there are also huge differences between men. You can meet a poor man in a T-shirt and pants, or in a suit that doesn't fit perfectly (shoes, even two numbers bigger), but always clean and with well-groomed hair. On the other hand, you will meet an elegant man in a suit that fits perfectly, with carefully polished shoes and a luxurious watch on his hand. However, all Angolans have something in common, no matter what a woman is dressed in, she always makes sure that she is clean and especially likes herself. In our article, we will leave women who really do not have the opportunity to invest money in their appearance, but we will focus on women who have this opportunity. Whenever they appear in the company of white women, they catch the eye of all men and you will not miss them, not only because they differ in skin color. Time must not be underestimated In general, Angolan women are very beautiful, but also very strong women who are not afraid of anything. As I mentioned above, they spend many times more time taking care of themselves than the average European. They regularly entrust their hair, which they pay great attention to, to their hairdressers, who braid it and create various hair ornaments. Under the weight of the lust of straight, smooth hair, they do not disdain treatment with an iron or chemical intervention. Each Angolan woman has several wigs in her fashion chest, in case the hairdresser doesn't have time. The moment he does not have his hair trimmed, which means that he does not have it braided and does not have a wig on hand, he uses a hat or turban so that this - for them social "phobia" - is not visible. The second important thing that women in Angola pay attention to is nails. Even small children already know that they should be the first to look at their nails, and accordingly they will know how big a madam they have in front of them. Therefore, with the same regularity with which they visit hairdressers, they also visit their manicurists and pedicurists. Butt as a symbol of beauty Angolans can wear, while we Europeans have complexes of big butts, bulky thighs and bulging bellies, Angolans, on the other hand, rely on them. Especially the butt is a symbol of beauty for them and they can wear it properly. It doesn't matter how bulky he is, but how nice and dignified you can go with him. In Angola, you won't come across a woman who has a hunched back, walked with her head down or - God forbid :-) - ran somewhere. They all walk nicely upright, elegantly and gracefully, regardless of the fact that they have high-heeled shoes on their feet and the path is rocky, full of holes. Women are simply ladies in every situation. Angolans know how to wear and are not afraid of anything. They love their bodies, they love themselves, and that also determines the direction in which they dress. The curves must be visible Of course, Angolan influencers and bloggers also influence fashion in Angola, but in most cases they live outside Angola and their interests are the world's brands. Nevertheless, even these women and girls, who set the direction of Angolan fashion from far away countries, are not subject to some European trends, such as our favorite returns to previous years. Because African women love their bodies and like to admire them, they do not lose the OWERSIZE style, which is now so popular in Europe. We European women, who are constantly worried about bigger buttocks, small breasts or a loose belly, acknowledge this fashion. We hide our bodies, which are not 90-60-90 in size, under a five-size-larger shirt. Angolans adore tight-fitting clothing to make their muscular figures, which they form by exercising, stand out as much as possible, but it is also not uncommon for them to use the hands of aesthetic surgeons and the conveniences of modern medicine. While we Europeans have their lips enlarged, which African women do not have to, they use botox and other chemicals to enlarge that mentioned and important ass. And also, unlike European women, they choose models that are smaller, to be sufficiently snug. No comfortable pieces, even a bigger number ... :-) Of course, there are also a lot of creative fashion designers here, who in a way also set trends. With their models, which combine traditional African culture and modern European style, they make a significant contribution to maintaining traditions. Angolan fashion guru Fashion is now one of the most important and for many important directions in Angola, which affects the lives of many Angolans. Therefore, every year there is a big fashion show Angola Fashion Week, where leading models are presented by leading Angolan designers, but also young and promising people who are trying to make a name for themselves. It is a show of both popular Angolan culture and modern fashion stylists. The largest and most successful modeling agencies are, for example, "DA BANDA MODEL MANAGEMENT", which made famous, for example, the BLESNYA MINHER model, which has established itself all over the world. Or the agency HADJA MODELS, which is one of the main organizers of the above-mentioned fashion show. One of Nadir Tati's most important fashion designers, Tina Sovenir, who also has her works far beyond Angola. There are many more worth mentioning. Everyone, whether world-famous or young and novice, has one thing in common. They are not afraid of colors, they are not afraid of new and crazy creations and most importantly, they have the courage to combine the modern world trend with the traditional African one. Their models thus become unique and famous. It's a bang Banga is an Angolan term used to define the word "steaming", which determines the Angolan fashion trend and which affects the dress of Angolans. This is my "banga", you can hear from many of them when you ask them why they are wearing what they are wearing. The basic rule of bang is that the less discreet, the better. Angolan filmmaker and award-winning creative filmmaker Coréon Dú describes everything in more detail in his documentary "Bangalore" - the science of style, in which, among other things, he tries to shed light on the Angolans' obsession with fashion.