Joy on behalf of URUCUM


Just like every day, the driver takes me to work and I watch the surroundings, I always feel that what I see today was not there yesterday. It took a while for Claudio to get used to my screams into the silence and the fact that he had to stop with each such scream. The truth is, I haven't screamed in a long time, so he probably suffered a shock today, at least it brought him to life. Urucum or Achiote - Pigeon Dyer, is a shrub that has caused me great joy on the way to work today. We use the powder made from its seeds in our soap and we have always imported it. I read a lot about him and I was reconciled to the fact that he only grows in the Amazon and I won't find him here. It was all the happier. It is an herb that has a lot of healing effects, the seeds turn beautiful orange and can be dyed with cotton. Suddenly, I had all the options for using the seeds, not just soaps. There are enough of him here, so I don't have to save: D. I'm already looking forward to starting my experiment. Urucum helps with wound healing, fevers, burns, cold sores, malaria, asthma, hepatitis, yellow fever, women's problems and strengthens liver function. volume_upcontent_copyshare