Flamingos Beach


We sit in the car and run away from the city, at least for a few moments. We drive along a narrow path along the Atlantic coast and I can't get enough again. We are slowly passing the Slavery Museum and the Art Market, crossing the imaginary city limits. Along the way we have two small villages where we buy lunch and drinks on the way. I have to follow all the signs, because our destination Praya dos Flamingos (Flamingo Beach), where I expect a beautiful flamingo spectacle, is not marked as it should be, but only by a small arrow made by local people. It is a road to the island of Mossolo, which is passable only at a certain time, because very often it is flooded by the sea, which is why Mossolo is called an island. After an hour, we turn off the main road and enter the dirt road, which after a while turns into sand dunes full of small shells. No one's territory, during the journey, which lasted about 30 minutes, we meet only one person who drives a herd of cows. It shows us that we are doing the right thing and that we should continue. There are huge white and dry plains around the road in the sand and only here and there some vegetation protrudes from the sand, only the curb is lined in some places with lush bushes. In the distance, but really in the distance, I see flamingos walking. I'm a little disappointed, but my second goal is to drive to a local fishing village. volume_upcontent_copyshare

We park the car at one of the houses and go in search of the local Sob - the traditional mayor of the village. Within a few minutes, several children are running around us, screaming for the whole round. Local fishermen take us to the house of Mayor Veronika (Soba), we ask how the local people live and what they actually feed them. I brought a lot of things for children that I received from friends in the Czech Republic. Gradually, I hand out toothbrushes, toothpaste, coloring books, creative sets and other gifts to all children. Together with her husband, we hand over bags of rice, flour, sugar, beans, milk powder, sausages and other food we bought to the local mayor. I go to the local beach with the children to collect shells, of which there are many, and to play with a balloon. Iko's call pulls us out of the heat of the game. He stands on the shore a short distance away and points his finger at the open sea, where a small fishing boat is sailing. "Dolphins" shouts enthusiastically! I don't understand for a while and I don't see anything, but suddenly three dolphins jump out of the sea around the boat. We forget to play with the balloon with the children and together we watch the acrobatic stunts of dolphins. volume_upcontent_copyshare