A fairy tale about Baobab


Baobab is famous for the Little Prince, but do you know the traditional African fairy tale about Baobab? No? I didn't know her either, and no wonder. Baobab is a tree you will not find in Europe. But thanks to my husband, who is a great narrator, I can write it for you now. So sit back, make a good tea, like Baobab, and read. In ancient times, when God created the world and already had land, grass, flowers and even lakes on the African continent, it was then that he decided to create the first tree. He chose a place right next to one of the lakes. He created a tree that was large and very thick, and next to it he created more and more. He named him baobab. You are the first tree on earth, I will raise you tenacity, because when I bring people, I want you to help them evolve. I want you to live 6,000 years. The god Baobabu says as he looks at him contentedly. He gave him the strength to go through millennia, to gather all the wisdom of his ancestors. He taught him understanding people, but Baobab was not happy. Whenever he looked into the lake and saw the reflection of the surrounding trees on the surface, he did not understand why it looked the way it did. And he kept complaining to God and asking him various questions. Dissatisfied with himself "Why does the tree have yellow leaves and I don't?" Baobab asks God. He patiently replies, "I didn't want you to have yellow leaves, I wanted you to be tall so you could see into the distance. And yellow leaves aren't important to that." Baobab understood God's decision, but immediately asked again, "And why does that tree have a pink flower and I don't?" Again, God patiently replies, "I created you and gave you wisdom and a long life, you can live much longer than other trees. The color of the flower is not important. Baobab is angry and says, "No, that's not true! You've created other trees that can live longer than me! Why do they have a thin trunk and I don't? God is trying to appease the Baobabs: "Your trunk is strong so that it can hold up to 120 liters of water and you can survive the dry season. Your trunk is hollow so that you can store all the memories of all generations in it. Every tree I have created "Everyone has a different task. Not all trees can be the same. Diversity is the secret of life and nature." However, Baobab is still dissatisfied and continues to complain. "But there are trees that are much better than me!" "Baobab, my son, understand one thing." God speaks patiently. "You have no reason to compare yourself with other trees. You are strange and unique. You are Baobab. Every tree I have created remembers only one thing. You were the first tree I created, which makes you special. I gave you everything, what I did at the time, then I improved and the other trees therefore look different. Realize that it takes ten years for your seed to germinate, which is a long time! I had to create trees that grow much faster, but they also die. much sooner and they will learn much less about life. " "But it's not fair!" Baobab answers dissatisfied. "I want to be like the other trees I see from the reflection in the lake!" When God gets angry But God is already angry with Baobab, who still does not understand its importance. And in order for Baobab to stop seeing the other trees and stop comparing to them, he decides to turn him upside down. They plant it with a crown in the ground and roots towards the sky. So the baobab's canopy and leaves bury it deep in the ground " "I'm sorry, but I did it to learn to look at yourself and the other trees, to understand your uniqueness and that you are who you are." God speaks to Baobab and continues. "I'm convinced that if you stop comparing yourself to other trees, you'll be able to realize how important it is to be yourself. And you'll realize that you don't have to be jealous because you're unique and special to me." It took a while for Baobab to understand who he was. Understanding and ending jealousy After a while, God returned and asked, "My son, have you seen each other?" "Yes, I'm sorry. I'm Baobab! The oldest and wisest tree in the world. I'm the first tree in the world, so I'm the connection between people and you." corresponds to Baobab. "That's exactly why I created you. Life will be very difficult and difficult for people. You have to help them understand it." The god Baobabu explains his mission. "I am so powerful because I am a pillar of the world, a resistance to time and all the experiences that can come from it. I have these qualities so that I can save and survive the good and the bad, and then I can teach people." Baobab continues. "Yes, that's right. You're beautiful! I think I can get you back now." God answers contentedly. I want to stay the other way around "No, don't do it!" Please Baobab. "I think I should stay the way I am. I'm wiser when I'm rooted up. Plus, I think it'll be better for me to talk to people this way if I'm closer to the ground." He begs Baobab God. "All right, Baobab, as you wish. It's important that you be here with us." God answers contentedly. And so God created Baobab. The secret of the hollow trunk That is why people are still enchanted by this tree. When they see him from a distance, he looks upside down as they approach, realizing that he is exactly as he should be. They can hear his advice about life, overcome  development. After all, all the memories of the world are stored in its hollow tribe, and there is no wisdom that is not stored within its mighty tribe.