Kissama National Park



The park covers almost 9,960 square kilometers, making it the largest national park in Angola. We are going on Safari, my first safari in life, and we will spend the night in the park. Early in the morning we set off to Kwanza Lodge, where we board a yacht and move along the Kwanza River to the park. A SAFARI car is already waiting for us on the shore - something like the old Tatrovka. Really very old, who has screwed benches for sitting on the body. As he drives, he makes such a rumble that I'm afraid we won't see a single animal, because we can be heard for 30 km, and I'm not talking about the feeling of shaking my soul out of me. We arrive at the camp in the early evening and go to stay in small cute cottages, around which little and cheeky monkeys jump, waiting for what the new visitors have brought them. At 6.00 in the morning we have an alarm clock and we jump to the great Tatrovka again, and with us also a guide equipped with a submachine gun. The safari begins, right after the first turn after leaving the camp, giraffes were waiting for us. Rides are made early in the morning when the animals go to the water, or in the evening when they return. During the day they are hidden from the sun in the shade and it is difficult to see them. We cross the road, sometimes he goes down the trail with us. We meet antelopes, pigs, zebras, bison, llamas, etc ... I'm waiting for elephants. I have three favorites, a giraffe, a zebra and an elephant. We track elephant droppings and enter the territory of elephants, but unfortunately nothing. While driving, I try to force the driver to stop picking up some plants. It is rejected for safety reasons and also prohibits me from tearing while driving. It is dangerous because there may be a snake or other dangerous insect on the tree. I'm a little disappointed, so beautiful and I can't take a single plant. After a short while, my disappointment subsides, a bum crashes out of the car and it is painted - it doesn't work. We are standing in the middle of the park and we have to wait for the spare car they called on the walkie-talkie. And here I feel my chances, I jump off the hull and discreetly circle around the car and gradually add more and more meters to my radial. I overwhelm the guide with questions and thus distract him from the fact that I move freely in the park. They don't have lions here, nor do they have any predators, so there is no risk of being eaten by a lion. A spare car arrives and I change happily with a bag of plants. We drive a few kilometers and the car gets stuck in a sand dune: D, I have to laugh. Adventure at no extra charge. The sun is starting to burn really hard and I'm looking forward to the shadows. It was a wonderful experience for me even without elephants. Having giraffes within reach in the wild is an amazing feeling.