My natural discoveries


I'm a fan of nature. That's why no one wants to ride in the car with me, we have to stop somewhere all the time, because I'm guaranteed to see something interesting. And I see, I discovered cotton, loofah, citronella, moring and a lot of other interesting herbs.  

The story of Cotton When you come across a cotton path along the way and you can't believe your eyes. I immediately sowed on the balcony at home and in half a year I harvested my first cotton.  

The story of Cashew I've heard the answer to the question about 10 times, but I still didn't understand what I said. My husband was already in despair, but in the end he thought of pointing to the nut that was on the apple, Cashew, this is cashew, I couldn't believe it. It never occurred to me that cashew nuts grow on an apple: D