My goat named Goat


Just a short post for fun. I sent my husband to buy buns in the morning. After 30 minutes, he returned without a bun, saying that I had to go downstairs with him. He stuck bills in my hand and looked mysterious. "Surprise?" I asked him in the elevator on the way down. "Well, I don't know," he replied, and I didn't get any more out of him. I went out in front of the house with him. There was a woman sitting on the steps, and our Pedro stood beside her, holding a goat on a string of some old rags. "She's yours," I heard before I could say "she's pregnant," my wonderful man told me proudly. The goat survived the night on the roof of our block of flats with a lavor with water and a pile of cassava and cabbage. Today it is on our farm and we are looking forward to kids. My goat named Goat. : D