Fashion and men in Africa? They want to like women, they also liked manicure


I recently wrote about fashion and women, but you can't forget men in this respect either :-) It is because of them that women pay such attention to their appearance. And men have no choice - they also want to be elegant and attractive. And their appearance also increases their prestige and indicates their position in society (and, like women, they like to take care of themselves). Although they do not spend as many hours at the hairdresser's, because the men's hair trend is very short hair, which does not require as much time as braiding, but they devote time to their beard, which is important for them. If a man decides to buy a beard, beard or mustache within his image, he always gives him enough care so that his pride is perfectly trimmed, has a shape and is also well treated. Angolan men also rely on their nails to the same extent, trimmed and shiny nails are an integral part of them and therefore, unlike European men, they give them sufficient care. It is therefore not uncommon for men to be dominated by salon staff. The abdomen as a social status The time when the idea that belly size shows social status and importance is long gone was prevalent in Angola. Today, men want their body to be beautiful and muscular, and instead of a massive belly, they have a so-called "Christmas", and their muscles are beautifully displayed under the undershirts of Lacoste, Scoor or other branded brands. The age of massive and belly elegants hung with gold, in a suit that has never fallen due to non-prefabricated figures, is long gone. No suit or wound. Not even forty degrees of heat will discourage local men from wearing the suit. This again shows their level and increases their social status. Of course, he doesn't go shopping in a suit and doesn't spend his free time in a suit. But they always wear a perfectly fitting suit for work, meetings or company, even if they just have lunch together with friends, and even for us Europeans of non-traditional colors and patterns. As in women's fashion, men's clothing is largely influenced by the modern European trend. But it is also no exception to see a man in a suit, where traditional African culture and the modern world just meet. Colorful lapels or cuffs on the jacket, which are made of traditional fabrics in a fantastic way, will enliven the suit and breathe in a completely different touch. Watches and shoes In addition to the polished luxury car, watches and shoes are an integral part of the perfect image of an Angolan man. You will definitely never see Angolana in sandals with socks, but always either in formal shoes with shine when your eyesight is crossed or in branded sneakers, which you also wear to some models of suits. In the same way, almost every man is proud of his hands with a powerful watch, which is not always original. Wearing jeans and T-shirts is not unusual, but it is almost always one of the renowned brands. In short, Angolans are elegant at every occasion. They have a sense of elegance and taste. To sum it up, I would probably say: Angolans have a sense of beauty, taste and elegance. When they have the financial means, they can dress beautifully and women also make up. They are not afraid of extravagance and various combinations. They rely on every detail, they love jewelry, branded things and perfumes. They pay a lot of attention to their body and their appearance. But also precisely because of lack of funds, some people have to wear clothes only in what they can afford, regardless of elegance, beauty and aesthetics. They are rightly proud of their bodies and we could often envy them.