Miradouro da Lua - an amazing view, like from another planet 


I look impatient and full of anticipation in the car, and my husband smiles amusedly at my impatience. The place of our destination is surrounded by a fog of secrets, which, thanks to my husband's stubbornness, only thickens. We are already quite a few kilometers outside the city, from the four-lane road there is only a narrow winding road leading along the Atlantic coast and the densely built buildings of the city have been replaced only by small villages with a few simple houses. After a while, the husband stops at a group of women who sell baskets, hats and other products by the road, which they themselves knit from the grass. They are dressed very modestly. They are wearing plain T-shirts, wrapped in African fabric around their waists, and have nothing on their feet. They step on their bare feet and wave at us with a smile and encourage us to buy. Each has its own sales desk, which is made of old wooden fabrics from raw untreated wood. Each of them offers something different and tries to convince us of the quality of its product. I'm kidnapped and I don't know what to look at first. I have to take each basket in my hand and take a good look at it. All the women are watching me nervously and waiting for my purchase. It is their livelihood, the only source of income they have in this remote area. I don't know what to decide, I liked every thing I picked up, but I don't put it all in my suitcase. So I choose a few smaller baskets and coasters and my husband takes a huge basket that will be used for laundry. We bought something from each of them to make everyone happy. To my great surprise, we do not turn the car back to Luanda, but continue on our way. We stop right after a few minutes, the moment I see a beautiful and powerful Baobab a short distance from the road. A tree that is shrouded in many stories and is considered the tree of life. I have always longed to reach out to him, to find out what kind of tribe he has, and to pluck his fruit. I wanted to know if his bark was smooth, to smell it, and to take a closer look at his crown. Eurico stops me without objection and walks slowly to the tree with me. I tread very carefully, because I have only flip-flops on my feet and the terrain around the tree is covered with tall grass. I'm afraid of vermin or snakes that might be here. Despite all the worries that local insects chase me, however, I have to hug the tree, at least as much as possible. At that moment, I don't mind at all that thousands of ants have built a highway on his trunk and little Geckos are running after him, trying to fill their bellies. It's so huge that our hands aren't enough. We sit together under Baobab, my husband holds me by the shoulders, leans towards me and tells me in a mysterious voice that the place we are going is mystical. I realize again and again how much I love him and how grateful I am to have met him and to have experienced all this. We are there, he tells me when he turns off the main road and parks the car on a small patch. I look around the car window and see nothing very mystical, but I know it wouldn't go that far for nothing. I get out of the car enthusiastically, he grabs my hand and with words, we have to go together, he leads me to the edge of an abyss. I guess it's an abyss just by looking into the distance. In the distance I see only a green valley and the Atlantic nothing more in between. My heart stops, the moment we stand on the very edge of the abyss and a beautiful view opens up below us. We are here, this is Miradouro da Lua. The set of cliffs is located about 40 km south of Luanda. Erosion caused by wind and rain has created this amazing lunar landscape, a place that is one of the most visited and a must see if you visit Luanda. Portuguese director Jorge Antónao made the film here in the first Portuguese-Angolan film co-production "View of the Moon", which won a special award at the Gramado Festival in Brazil. I can't even breathe, I'm just standing around looking around. I stand on the very edge of a few tens of meters deep abyss, which is formed by incredible cliffs. Some are made of red earth, which is typical of Africa, and the more distant ones are already white as if they were covered with snow. As the cliffs recede and approach the ocean, their depth decreases and they gradually turn into a hilly landscape overgrown with greenery in which you can only recognize a narrow path leading to the ocean. Before I can look around, my husband is already on a narrow promontory, which divides the abyss into two parts and attracts me to him. My knees are tapping with fear, but I can't resist. I walk slowly towards him. I try to look under my feet, but my eyes keep running away. I don't know where to look before. I'm so carried away that I forget the fear that makes me look down. We are standing in the middle of a small island that erosion has not yet turned into cliffs, and I feel like in paradise. We are so close together that I feel his heart beat, his, but also his own, beating with enthusiasm for one hundred and six. We look together towards the ocean, where in a few moments the sun will set and the moon will rise. This is the place of lovers, my husband specifies, brushing my hair from my face, which is blown away by the wind and kisses me  I put it on my lips with the words I love you.