Mama Muxima


"Mom's Heart," in Kimbundo. It is the most popular shrine of the Angolans, who go on a pilgrimage in the first days of September, and at that time a small village bursts at the seams. According to the newspaper, the festival attracts more than a million people). Mama Muxima is 130 km from Luanda. The Portuguese came to the village of Muxima in 1581. After a small military post, a fortress was built, which served as a prison. (text used from wikipedia) This time our driver takes me with a friend who came to visit from the Czech Republic and my two English friends: D to the place of pilgrimage Mama Muxima. Claudio, our driver, doesn't know the way because he's never been there, but we all hope to get where we want without a map. We go completely to unknown places where neither of us has ever been. The journey is long, but there is still something to look at. We stop along the way at the beautiful and mature baobabs, we pass the newly built villages, in which no one still lives. During the trip, we pick up a tracker, a woman, a young boy and a police officer who need to get home and have been waiting for several hours for a car to take them. They live 80 km away from where we loaded them, in a small village. After almost three hours, we arrive in a village called Muxima, and from a distance we see a beautiful white fortress on the hill. We ask local police if we can drive upstairs. We can, so we go in the direction they show us. A wonderful mystical place with breathtaking views of the surroundings and a small village below us, where the beautiful church of Mama Muxima. Together we take out the snack we brought and share our picnic with the scorching sun. We slowly descend to the village and head to the local market. I buy bergamot and marovo. We will also visit the church, which has a rich decoration and a captivating garden full of flowers. Next to the church is a place where candles are lit, there are piles of wax all around. Our Eli thinks of everything and pulls 4 candles out of the bag and we light them together. volume_upcontent_copyshare