A goat named Goat, or how I came to the goat


It's not about the crutch, the crows and the meridian It's morning and I'm sitting in my chair, sleeping up a few sleepless nights, thinking about what I still have to do before I leave for the Czech Republic, and waiting for my husband to return with the fresh buns I sent him for. I feel like a meridian. "About a crutch, crooked ribs ..." - I only miss the crutches. My hip pain has been bothering me for several weeks, every step is a punishment for me and the nights are sleepless. Despite the fact that I received antibiotics from a local doctor, after which the pain subsided for a few days, I look forward to being in the Czech Republic (where I want to fly for the holidays) and to know the exact diagnosis of my problem. Strange delay? I look at the ready-made suitcases and wonder how I will pack everything I need and whether I will reach the limit I have. I'm so thoughtful that I don't notice time at all and it wakes me up with the twitching of my stomach. He's already applying for his allotment and his husband is gone for a suspiciously long time. Usually it doesn't take him more than a few minutes to buy buns. Looking at my watch, I find he's been gone for over thirty minutes! But it doesn't bother me at all, I make coffee and move from the suitcases in the living room to the balcony. The moment I open the balcony door and take away my mug of drunk coffee, I hear a key in the lock and a loud shout: "Vlad!". Mango, avocado or herb? With my lame step (and pain in a crooked expression), I go to the kitchen, where my husband unpacks the buns I'm already waiting for and adds, "You have to come down with me." I don't want to, so I'm trying to figure out why I have to go down when I'm sick and if it's really necessary. "You have to"! He answers and at the same time presses banknotes into my palm. I try to get information from him what he bought or who and what he is waiting with, but in vain. While traveling by elevator, I'm still wondering if it's going to be some big avocado or some kind of fruit that I haven't had before. This happens sometimes, my husband likes to surprise me like this. He knows that every unusual fruit and herb will always please me. Goat? We go out in front of the entrance and on the steps in front of the house sits a woman with a turban on her head and next to her stands our Pedro, an assistant who brings us water and maintains the garden around the house. The woman has her arms folded in her lap, an African cloth wrapped around her waist and a worried expression on her face. Pedro, on the other hand, laughs from ear to ear, holding a long rope in his hand, which is made of torn old pieces of cloth, and a goat swords loudly at the end. I look incomprehensibly at my husband, who is obviously happy, while I still do not understand the source of his satisfied expression. "What is that?" it comes out of his mouth after a few minutes. After another question: "What do you say to her?" and nodding toward the goat, I realize that his joy is the goat that stares incomprehensibly and frightened, just like me! Instead of roast goats When he asks if I like the goat, I have a feeling that someone has gone crazy and it will probably be a husband. I want to find out what he means with the goat. Before I know the answer, I pay the woman, now for our goat, and she leaves happily. I wonder who will kill the goat and where, because we live in a housing estate on the tenth floor of a panel house, I can think of no other reason why my husband bought this animal than that he plans to eat it. "No, we won't kill here, she's pregnant!" His answer takes my breath away and I have to sit on the steps where the former goat owner was sitting a while ago. Impossible in three minutes I try to breathe it, the goat is cuddly and she probably felt that I was not excited about her and she was trying to gain my affection by standing right next to me. This forces me to scratch her, which she obviously likes. When asked what my husband and goat are planning, when she is pregnant and she is not expected to bake her, I learn that she will be a breeder and that she will go to our farm. Yes, a really great idea, which I like, but no one knows when it will be relocated. Will she live in the living room, or will we accommodate her in one of our rooms, or perhaps on a balcony? And who will go to feed her? Will we walk our dog and lead the goat in the other hand? Or will we hire a herdsman to work with her on the grassy areas in the housing estate between the houses? Dozens of questions were asked before I was surprised. At that moment, I understood that Angola is indeed a country where it is impossible not within three days, but immediately. From one goat, two goats The goat will be on the roof of our block of flats. After a few long minutes in front of the house, the fate of the goat was decided. Pedro goes around the housing estate with her to grab her properly and then we take her by our elevator to the tenth floor, where she will have a few more steps to the roof. She will probably spend only one night there before they take her to the farm. After an hour of wandering through our settlement, a goat took the elevator, jumped up the stairs, and I with a lavor filled with water with her. Instead of resting and packing our suitcases, we went to the market, where we bought cabbage and other leaves to make it more pleasant to stay on the roof. Not if she eats for two ?! We listened to her sword on the balcony all evening, and I found it unbelievable that none of the neighbors came to complain. He comes the next morning l driver, who was provided by her husband and goat, we successfully loaded and properly supplied food, so she could go to her new home in peace. * It took another three months for the brother-in-law to send us a video of our kid. And so I became the owner of a goat, which was given the name Goat and a little kid, which is waiting for its name.