I'm a grandmother


You know what it's like when you're looking forward to your first grandchild. I had it complicated by the fact that I lost all my documents at the office and I could not travel. Every week I called and went to the Aliens Police and urged lawyers, but nothing helped. I knew I would miss the birth of my first grandson. I sent my daughter a question every day, so what? But it wasn't until a few days after the scheduled date that I received a message that something might be going on. And it didn't happen, we waited for the next two days until March 19. I smirked where I was in the maternity ward. I immediately went to check the champagne in the fridge, which had been cooling since 9.3. My husband and I spent the evening and night sitting impatiently on the balcony, mesmerizing the phone. Around two in the morning, we gave up and went to bed. Of course I with a cell phone under the pillow. At 3.30 the sms I was waiting for came and I became a grandmother. I had no idea that I would see my grandson in 5 long months.