Emboeiro or a mysterious and unusual baobab - a tree that I was looking forward to


There are many names and superstitions for this tree. I knew it as a tree of life. Baobab. A puffy and conceited tree, which for his pride God uprooted with his roots from the ground and planted back upside down - crown down and roots towards the sky.

In Angola, he is called Embondeiro. For the first time, I have the opportunity to touch him, to hug him, at least in part, because he is so powerful that my arms can't handle it. And I finally have the opportunity to pluck my historic first baobab fruit. The baobab fruit has a hard woody shell, is full of seeds wrapped in flesh and is called Múcua. It tastes like our Celaskon and makes juice, ice cream, flour and jam - that was my attempt (successful). It is full of vitamin C and antioxidants. The seeds are used to make a very nourishing oil for the skin and hair.