Road to Uige



Uige is a province at the very end of Angola, on the border with the Congo, an area where the people of the Bakongo tribe live, as well as my husband and his entire family. The husband was born in this province and lived until he was 10 before they fled to Luanda before the war. Uíge is a mountainous landscape, where villages are several kilometers apart. I would say a forgotten region, but with incredible beautiful nature. It rains a lot in this area, so it is a very fertile landscape. I longed to come here and see our farm and especially a different life than the city. Already during our 8-hour journey, monkeys, or a chameleon, or another animal ran through the path from time to time. The journey itself was a great experience for me, I saw a piece of Angola, a village around the roads, with very simple dwellings, life in them is definitely not easy. People only have what they grow, but they are very friendly and hospitable. Around the roads near the village they have a table made of wood, on which they offer their vegetables, fruits, Marovo and meat. Monkeys, coypu, wild boars, antelopes, etc ... all caught and collected in the jungle that is all around them. We drove through mountains, covered with massive vine trees, banana plantations, just beautiful, it smelled of freshness and the sounds ... these are indescribable experiences. The city of Uíge, where the family has a house, is small, clean, quiet and safe, here one does not have to be afraid to walk somewhere in the evening. We arrived at night, so we won't get to the farm until tomorrow, it's about 40 km outside the city in the Negage area. I couldn't sleep how much I was looking forward to it. Early in the morning we got in the car, drove to the market, bought food for local farmers who take care of our farm and other things that were needed, especially rubber boots. Without them, it is very dangerous to move on the farm, especially for a person who does not know where he can and cannot go and also for an unguided missile like me when I find myself in nature. It was beautiful .... We drove a narrow muddy road lined with 2m high vegetation, here I discovered Citronella. This is all our farm, says the husband and spreads his arms around him, it's so big you can't see the beginning or the end. In some places it is already cultivated and divided into fields with corn, peanuts, cassava, potatoes, pineapple, etc ... A certain section of the road is lined with huge eucalyptus trees. Here and there I see colorful flowers in the grass, I don't have to force my husband to stop, he stops alone, because he knows he has to: D Those colorful flowers are orchids and nerine, but just beautiful. Experience, plucking papaya or passion fruit from a tree, pulling a pineapple out of the ground. A dream that will not end whenever I can come back and enjoy everything over and over again. Along the way, we already meet people who work on the farm, cattle watchers, etc .... We are on the spot, at our base, everyone is already waiting for us, they are mainly looking forward to cigarettes and alcohol. There is a gentleman here, small and older, Albino's name, who will take us through the farm to his abode. All the way he answers my questions about the plants I collect along the way, this one is against snake bites, this one for malaria, this one for abdominal pain, etc .... we come to a quite steep slope, which is a narrow paved path towards the palm house on jungle edge. Pineapple, corn, avocado and lots of passion fruit and banana grow in its mini garden. There is divine peace here, I only hear the cries of monkeys and parrots and I don't even know what I'm all in, I'm in the jungle in the real jungle. I just walk around the house, I'm still afraid to go. He leads me to a large palm tree, with a katana in one hand and a canister in the other. I can show me how Marovo is made, their palm wine and also because it is Friday and Friday simply must be Marovo. It was a wonderful 4 days for me, which I enjoyed here. It was real Africa.