Barra do Kwanza


Kwanza Lodge is a world-famous fishing destination. It is the place where the Kwanza River flows into the Atlantic. Beautiful unspoiled nature, waves as big as a skyscraper: D and a wild river full of life, including crocodiles. The place where the river flows into the ocean is like boiling water, bubbling, jumping, roaring and waving in all directions with our boat. The camp they built here is beautiful, all the houses and restaurants are on their feet so that some hungry animals do not get inside. We rented a boat and drove down the river. It was beautiful to hear the sounds of shores overgrown with palm trees, bananas and vines. It was possible to spot the monkeys. The helmsman drank water from the river, I asked if he could get sick? It's a ritual, he replied, every time I go out on the river, I drink to pay my respects. Along the shore in some places are built small villages, houses only made of palm leaves and clay bricks. People sat around and waved, women washed clothes and children splashed in the river. Each such village has poles with plastic bottles like buoys a short distance from the shore in the water so that the children know where they can. After dark, no one ever goes to the water again. And the shore is always very steep and at least a meter or two high to prevent crocodiles from entering the village. The villages are without sewerage, water and electricity. Allegedly, there are hippos in the river as well, along the river you can reach the Kissama National Park or the capital Luanda.