Avocado and my production of avocado oil


As I wrote, every time my brother-in-law comes from our family farm, where he farms, he brings a lot of fruits and vegetables. It is an amount that cannot be consumed, so I make jams, fruit pulps, fruit skins or dry fruits. Not a drop in vain :-) This time he brought us a few kilos of avocado, which, however, suffered a bit due to the long transport and only a few pieces could be left for longer consumption. Since avocado oil is one of the ingredients in our cosmetics, I sat down on the internet again and started looking after the process of making avocado oil.

I followed the instructions of a shaman (I don't even know where) who produced oil without the use of machines and other more complex equipment. I peeled the avocado, pulled out the stone and crushed the pulp with a baking paper fork. Waiting, flies and waiting again I had several days of waiting and regular mixing of the mass, which gradually turned brown before it was completely dry. I have to admit that patience is not my strong point, but Africa trains me in a pretty decent way :-) This waiting and conversion was also accompanied by the removal of flies, which forced us to build a small shelter from a fine net on our balcony. After a few days, the avocado was almost black and hard and I could continue the process. So I turned on my homemade oil press and gradually tossed the broken pieces of avocado inside. And she was looking forward to the first drop ... For a long, long time, none of them dripped. I was already quite disappointed and wanted to give it up when suddenly a beautiful stream of beautiful green oil began to flow into a prepared container. I was surprised that from such dark (and quite disgusting pieces) a beautiful green liquid flows out. The first bath I immediately went to test the oil in the bathroom, I was curious if it would really foam, as they say. I made it myself, so I could afford it and didn't have to worry about the cost of my experiment and waste it. He foamed beautifully and my hands were really very supple. Since then, I have been making oil regularly and using it to wash my face. Not even the avocado pips and peels were wasted. I used part of the seeds in a salad and used the rest together with the skins to color the fabric (batik), from which I made pillows. So in Angola :-)