Car service or if your tire bursts on the local "highway"


So my husband and I get to work nicely, I still enjoy the surroundings even after years and watch the buildings grow, where there is no tree and the like. And suddenly a bang, a blow, we both look at each other and we drive to the curb. Defect. Great, basically on the local highway. It would probably be a problem with us, but my husband looked into the distance and gave the order to get in the car.  

At a creeping pace, we drove a little further to where the container was built and the tires around it. "Tire service," he said, winking at me significantly: D They say it's done in twenty minutes: D I know Angolan twenty minutes and I'm starting to hitchhike.  

With a cup of coffee, I sit under an umbrella on an old canister, light a cigarette and pour coffee over it. Well, it's all me. After 50 minutes, they wave at us that we're done. We get in the car, the last check and ups ... The next bike is completely blown: D Without blinking, I go back to my seat under the umbrella and take more photos. : D