Angola, my new home, my dream come true


 It's March 15, 2016 and I'm in Africa

The first days in Luanda, I arrived with my (still at that time) boyfriend, but with the intention of moving here, fulfilling my dream and starting a new life. For the first time on African soil, full of expectations, fears and curiosity. I knew nothing about my new future family and also nothing about Angola. I had no idea what awaited me and what it would be like. Just as you are now full of curiosity and expectations, so have I. 

Despite the early hours of the morning, everyone in the house was already waiting for us. Parents and housekeeper. Everyone was curious and also worried about what it would be like WHITE WOMEN: D. The meeting was very nice and pleasant. Just a little complicated due to the language barrier. The whole week we stayed at our parents' house, we kept going somewhere. Visits of family, acquaintances, but especially interesting places in Luanda ... After a week, we moved into our apartment and started furnishing it. Do you know how to arrange an apartment in Africa? Just like in Europe! You will order all possible shops and choose what you like. Angola is flooded with goods from China, unfortunately and to my displeasure. I was surprised at the problem of getting wooden furniture. The culture is completely disappearing here and natural materials are being replaced by Chinese plastic, handmade imports. Such is the sad reality and a big disappointment for me.