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 Vladana may have wanted to live in Africa since she was a child. To get closer to her dream, she opened an Afro café in Ostrava. And when the likeable Angolan Eurico came into her life, she was finally able to move to the Black Continent. She became part of an African family, started a business and had her dream adventures. What are they really like? What is it like to be a European in an African family? A dream come true or African hell? 

Available from 30.11.2021


Why did I write the book? 

 Because I'm happy. 

Because it didn't seem appropriate for me to get in a taxi in Prague in front of the house to shout that I was going to Africa. 

Because despite all the warnings and cautions, I'm still happy here, and even after five years. 

Because I want to bring life closer to Africa, to show that Africa is more than just a jungle and a hut paid for by cow dung, and that there are. 

Because we should share joy and happiness.  

What is the book about? 

 About the life stage of a stubborn woman who simply decided to change her life. About all the worries and joys she made with her decision and dealing with them. About the fact that it makes sense to fulfill your dreams in spite of all but .... About the reality of life in an African block of flats. About the fact that even with forty on your neck and wrinkles on your forehead, you can change your life and really enjoy it.  

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Sample from the book

What is the path of my book? 

No, writing a book was not my dream. I was (and this state lasts) just happy and it felt better than screaming on the street. That's how more people will find out than a couple of settlers in Žižkov, who watched us get into a taxi with eight huge suitcases. I don't consider myself a writer and probably never will be, but maybe even so, or just because the book is written, the way I thought I was writing what I had on my tongue, you'll like . After much hesitation, searching and research, I decided to sign a contract with Alpress. The manuscript has been proofread and edited once, and we're still editing and shuffling words, commas, and quotes. And I remember what I forgot and I should still write in the book. I choose photos and think about the cover of the book. Beta readers and friends I asked to read send me feedback and reviews.  



 "About the African Dream, the courage to follow your heart and stand for your own. You will read the story of Vladana, who dreamed of African life as a child, with one breath and find yourself in Angola for a few hours. I can say that thanks to Vladana, her husband and his Angolan family, you will experience real Africa. Vladana shows both sides of Africa, the one you experience in a block of flats in the suburbs of Luanda, shopping malls and birthday parties or middle-class Christmas, but outside the city in the jungle near Congo, where you can still find mined fields after the Angolan Civil War or people who often don't have much more than a thatched roof, and after reading the book I felt like Vladan's best friend and part of Euric's families. Do not miss the opportunity to peek into an interesting corner of the world and into the soul of a very interesting and admirable woman who was not afraid and went for her dream. "

 -⁠-ZuzFriend Zuzka